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Beautyfull black and white standard poodles in Sweden

Standard poodles and greyhounds in Australia

Dwarf and toy poodles in Denmark.

Bichon Frisee and poodles in Holland.

Standard poodles grey and apricot in Holland.

Dwarf and toypoodles in Germany .

Standard and dwarfpoodles in Germany

Dwarf toy and standard poodles in Holland.

Dwarf harlekin poodles in Germany.


Ahornstreet poodles.

Topwinning standard poodles in Germany.

wonderfull home made dolls and bears..
Must look at this wonderfull website.


Paisleyparkcats in Germany.
The most beautyfull persian cats with nose.


2Link.be - hondenfokkers




Avonti Standard Poodles

Breeding BIS and Specialty BIS standard poodles in black and

South Australia.